Sponsored by Raytheon Technologies Corporation, this scholarship program will provide scholarship awards to high achieving black students attending Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Howard University, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University or Penn State University who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, a commitment to community involvement and are pursuing a degree in a STEM, Business Management, or a related field.


North Carolina A&T State University

Imani A. Caldwell is a junior mechanical engineering student at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University from Charlotte, North Carolina. Imani is passionate about the impact of technology on the healthcare industries and strives to restore a degree of normalcy to the lives of those in need, through the design and production of prosthetics and medical devices. Recently, Imani has successfully completed a virtual internship as a manufacturing engineer with Medtronic. She plans to continue pursuing opportunities that align with her goals and aspirations, and after completing her undergraduate education, obtain a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Imani also aspires to start a nonprofit organization that provides the necessary prosthetics and medical devices to patients at no cost. Imani is incredibly grateful for the gifts she has been blessed with, and believes every person deserves the gifts of ability and comfort as well.


North Carolina A&T State University

Lance N. Davis is a senior computer engineering student at North Carolina A&T State University. Currently, Lance is wrapping up a Software Engineering and Product Management internship with Apple. He aspires to start his career in tech product management and later become a serial high-tech entrepreneur. Lance dreams of a world that runs on clean energy and is enjoyable for all people, plants, and animals. Advanced technology is the key to a great future on Earth, and Lance wants to be a catalyst in bringing it to life.


North Carolina A&T State University

Ashanti Holt is a fourth year Mathematics and Chemical Engineering student at Spelman College and North Carolina A&T State University. At Spelman, she served as the Programs Chairperson of the Atlanta University Center’s National Society of Black Engineers (AUC NSBE), as well as the Secretary of the Georgia Delta Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honors Society. Ashanti strives for the academic excellence and well-being of her counterparts. She often sets aside her time to assist those in need of mathematical tutoring and volunteering. After the completion of her degrees, Ashanti hopes to combine her passions of cosmetology, mathematics, and chemical engineering to become a cosmetic chemist and create her own cosmetic company dedicated to people of color.


North Carolina A&T State University

Logan Thomas is an incoming Honors Sophomore Mechanical Engineering student at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University from Cape May, New Jersey. This past summer, Logan was an Industrial Engineering Intern with Collins Aerospace in Decorah, Iowa. She recognizes the vigilance necessary for Black corporate leaders not only to continue developing but also to grow in numbers. While a vision is equivalent to the destination it seeks to reach, action represents the steps taken on the path to get there. Logan aspires to build lifelong relationships that will help her excel in her successful future and to aid those still climbing to excel as well. She also aspires to be a part of the future of aerospace and defense, granted the opportunity to work side-by-side with engineers who are dedicated to tackling the toughest challenges facing industry.


Georgia Institute of Technology

Eliya Olivia Wagner is a fourth-year undergraduate student from Chicago currently attending the Georgia Institute of Technology. At school, she studies environmental engineering and leverages analytical skills to create sustainable solutions. She continually shows her commitment to be a champion for progress by volunteering in underserved communities. An optimistic and inclusive attitude prompts her to enjoy working in diverse groups, supporting others, and leading by communicating ideas effectively. She is extremely excited to graduate in 2021! Upon graduating she hopes to be part of a full-time team dedicated to solving multifaceted problems that improve aspects of the human condition. In her free time, she enjoys going on bike rides, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

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