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We encourage you to use the hashtag #ELCScholars in your social media posts during your daily experiences at the 2023 Honors Symposium. Using the hashtag will increase the reach and visibility of your social media posts and allow The ELC to repost the top content on our social media networks.

The ELC's Social Media Accounts

Official Hashtag: #ELCScholars


We encourage you to post your daily highlights during the 2023 Honors Symposium on your social media channels. Please review the following guidelines before posting on social media.


  • Spelling and Grammar Check: Review your social media posts for any spelling and grammar issues before hitting send.
  • Don’t Share Sensitive Information: If a speaker states that a session is private or that the information shared within the session is proprietary, please do not share any portion of that information on social media. If you are unsure if the session is private, please ask the speaker or an ELC staff member prior to the start of that session.
  • Use Proper Judgment: Many of our ELC members (and potential employers) are very active on social media. Please do not post anything that may portray you, your fellow scholars, or ELC members/staff in a negative light.
  • Avoid Posting Offensive Content: Please avoid the use of any content that may be deemed offensive. Offensive content is defined as anything that is likely to be upsetting, insulting, or objectionable to an individual or group of people.
  • Interact with your fellow ELC Scholars: Connect with your peers for group shots and joint social media posts using everyone’s social media handles. Social media posts with multiple students tend to have higher engagement rates.
  • Retweet/Repost Content: Follow The ELC’s social media channels during the Honors Symposium and repost/retweet our content to share with your networks.
  • Have fun: You’re helping The ELC capture the memories necessary to tell the Honors Symposium story, which will be shared with our ELC members. Make sure to sure the hashtag #ELCScholars in all of your social media posts.


The ELCEvents mobile app features detailed information about the 2023 ELC Honors Symposium. You can download the app to access our up-to-date event schedule and other important details – right at your fingertips!
  • Download the app on the Apply App Store or Google Play Store
  • Once you have successfully downloaded and opened the app on your device, select “Honors Symposium” under Upcoming Events
  • Login with your name and email (note: you must be registered for the event to access the app)
We hope you enjoy your ELCEvents mobile app experience!

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