Crystal Fahie
2019 Ann Fudge Scholar

“The Executive Leadership Council’s Honors Symposium is an unparalleled opportunity that has drastically changed my perspective on my potential. Within such a short span of time, my fellow scholars and myself were given the opportunity to greatly expand our networks, obtain invaluable advice from prominent executives and be further educated by enlightening presentations. Being surrounded by so many executives of color made the possibilities for my future feel so much more tangible and increased my drive for success exponentially. A future that once seemed unfathomable for me is now in my grasp and I am determined to use everything I have learned at the ELC to capture it!”

Jacob Mosely
2019 Alvaro L. Martins Scholar

“I honestly didn’t’ know what to expect when attending The Executive Leadership Council’s Honors Symposium. My assumption is that we would shadow many of the executives, meet and engage with fellow scholars and celebrate during the Annual Recognition Gala. I was quite surprised to find that the Honors Symposium was structured to not only celebrate, but to educate all those in attendance. There were great speakers who spoke on the topic of personal branding. That topic got me excited about defining who I am! The program was very structured; however, we were allotted time to get to know fellow ELC scholars and network with sponsors and corporate executives. I loved the speech given by Robert Smith about one becoming successful and the responsibility to go back to our communities and help others. The ELC Honors Symposium taught me a lot about myself which will assist me in becoming a better businessperson.”

Amari Hunter
2019 Ann Fudge Scholar

“I had the amazing opportunity to attend The Executive Leadership Council’s Honors Symposium in which I was able to network and build relationships with executive leaders and scholars. I learned about navigating my future career decisions and gained insights on how to continue to develop personally and professionally. The ELC opened many connections for me and I’m grateful that I received a chance to gain the needed clarification, guidance and affirmations about my future. The Honors Symposium was an unforgettable experience and will forever be held close to my heart.”

Sydney Hicks
2019 Award for Excellence in Business Commentary Scholar

“My experience at The Executive Leadership Council’s Honors Symposium was unparalleled. I gained valuable and unique insight from senior leaders who have already faced and overcome many of the challenges and obstacles we are likely to face as black professionals in the corporate world. Not only did I foster relationships with amazing professionals but also the other incredibly accomplished, supportive and driven scholars. I am forever grateful for this truly impactful experience at the ELC’s Honors Symposium.”

Andrew Ajaluwa
2019 Linde Engineers of Tomorrow Scholar

“In receiving the honor of being an ELC Scholar, I was afforded the opportunity to broaden my scope of career advancement and intentional development. It was very insightful and refreshing to have black executives be very encouraging with the advice given and engage in active conversations. I am overly grateful to be part of a program that is directed towards the black community success and am humbled to be part of a scholar group that I know will succeed as a collective. Thank you for the granting me the honor of attending, the challenge of continuously learning and the tools to exceed in uncomfortable environments.”

Adia Brown
2019 Ann Fudge Scholar

“The Executive Leadership Council’s Honors Symposium was an experience I will never forget. I thought that the week would be filled with long informational sessions, however, I was fully engaged during every presentation learning about personal branding, salary negotiation, and new takes on leadership. I was inspired being surrounded by so many black professionals leading the way in their careers. My favorite part of the symposium was meeting my fellow scholars. We are an amazing group of young leaders, and I can’t wait to see what we all accomplish in the future.”

Gia McCrae
2019 Award for Excellence in Business Commentary Scholar

“The Executive Leadership Council’s Honors Symposium was a truly life-changing experience that not only improved my take on professional development in a myriad of ways but also aided in navigating my aspirations as a woman of color in the workplace. The Honors Symposium offered the opportunity to network with exceptional business leaders and enhanced my professional consciousness. I fostered amazing relationships with my peers and will never forget this pivotal chapter in my life.”

Nicholas Jenkins
2019 Alvaro L. Martins Scholar

“I heard about The Executive Leadership Council’s Scholarship Program through multiple classmates. Their testimonies have always been consistent. Starting off with a variety of sessions with different corporate partners enhancing our skills and leaving us with something new we can add to our tool belt. Meeting individuals who are not only in positions of high authority, but also look like you gave me something to aspire to. I have gained a new cohort of scholars and professionals alike that will remain as part of my network for the rest of my career. The Annual Recognition Gala was nothing less than spectacular, particularly the presentation of the scholars.”

Camaryn Richmond
2019 Nationwide Future Leaders Scholar

“I never knew that The Executive Leadership Council’s Honors Symposium would leave such an impact on my life. During this 4-day program, I had the opportunity to hear from and network with business professionals and executives. I was amazed by the number of professionals that wanted to pour knowledge and opportunities into myself and fellow scholars. I not only grew professionally, but I was able to learn a lot about myself and ways that I can grow in the future. I left the Honors Symposium with a mission to strive for success and relationships that will last forever.”

Nailah Barnes
2019 Nationwide Future Leaders Scholar

“Attending The Executive Leadership Council’s Honors Symposium was such a compelling and informative experience. The myriad presentations, hands-on activities and networking opportunities equipped me with tools I need to succeed as a leader in the business world. Being surrounded by brilliant Black executives from diverse industries broadened my perspective on career possibilities exponentially. Furthermore, getting to know my fellow scholars’ career dreams and goals was so inspiring. I look forward to leveraging the knowledge I acquired at the Honors Symposium to secure internships and job opportunities so that I can open doors for the next generation of Black executives. I am eternally grateful for Nationwide and The ELC for awarding me the Nationwide Future Leaders Scholarship.”

Lauryn Poyser
2019 Award for Excellence in Business Commentary Scholar

“Before arriving at The Executive Leadership Council’s Honors Symposium, I expected the week to be like other professional development events that I’ve attended. However, my expectations were exceeded. The focus and importance placed on bolstering black talent made the week truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was thoroughly impressed with the structure and thoughtfulness put into the programming. For example, I left that week with the overlooked skill of being able to properly negotiate the conditions of a job offer from a presentation led by Capital One. By the end of the trip, I felt as though I had accumulated a wealth of knowledge learned over several years in only one week.”

Taylor Williams
2019 Award for Excellence in Business Commentary Scholar

“This was the most phenomenal and life changing trip one could ever experience. My expectations were blown out of the water. We experienced four jam-packed days surrounding the art of networking, the power of negotiation, the importance of your personal brand, and so much more. Furthermore, being able to be in a room full of executives representing top companies that look like me was the most rewarding part. I was able to personally meet and converse with CEOs, Vice Presidents, and many other executives with esteemed titles. A very rewarding aspect was my interactions with my cohort, they were nothing short of stellar. I was surrounded by 41 of the brightest and kind minds which made it more worthwhile.”

Bailaou Diallo
2019 Ann Fudge Scholar

“The Executive Leadership Council’s Honors Symposium was truly an inspirational and motivational experience. I did not know exactly what to expect coming into the Honors Symposium, but within the first few hours, I knew this was a once in a lifetime experience. As a black, Muslim, immigrant women who is a first-generation college student from the South Bronx, seldom do I come across an opportunity such as The ELC’s Honors Symposium. I was able to build my professional development skills and meet phenomenal individuals within just a few days. The opportunity to see individuals who look like me in great positions within their companies and who were more than willing to extend a helping hand to black students, has further fueled my ambition and will to succeed and maximize my potential. I am extremely grateful and honored for this experience and I recommend it to all my peers at the Howard University School of Business.”

Chelsea Lawson
2019 Nationwide Future Leaders Scholar

“Previously, I had been told that The Executive Leadership Council’s Honors Symposium & Gala would be something I would never forget, but I had no idea it would be life-changing! To be able to network with the number of Fortune 500 Company’s C-Suite Executives and Mid-Level Managers was unthinkable to me prior to The ELC. Every single person I encountered was willing to help and wanted to see each of us succeed. My favorite part was the intimate workshops with various companies throughout the week. As scholars, we were able to ask questions and gain valuable advice that will stay with us forever. I am forever thankful to The ELC and Nationwide for this amazing opportunity!”

Teji Vega
2019 Alvaro L. Martins Scholar

“Heading down to The Executive Leadership Council Honors Symposium, I did not know what to expect. I have received scholarships and awards from organizations that have similar goals, but something about The ELC was different. How right I was! In only four-days, I had the opportunity to meet top black executives from around the country, network with corporations of my interest and build strong bonds with my fellow scholars. As the Former President and CEO of The ELC, Skip Spriggs says: “Whether you like it or not, you are in the relationship business.” As a sophomore, The ELC has opened doors for me I could only wish for, and I am extremely grateful.”

Jasmine Bacchus
2019 Award for Excellence in Business Commentary Scholar

“I feel so lucky to have received the opportunity to attend the ELC Honors Symposium. Attending the symposium gave me the opportunity to network with some of the nation’s most prominent black leaders, something that I never thought I would have the chance to do as a college junior. Connecting with so many bright black students across the country was a truly empowering experience. This was truthfully the opportunity of a lifetime!”

Jaelen Coney
2019 Alvaro L. Martins Scholar

As a young Black male aspiring to enter the business arena it is easy to feel as if you don’t belong. Attending The Executive Leadership Council’s Honors Symposium emphasized that not only do I have the skills to excel in any industry, but I also can become a future business leader. From listening to various panels to participating in networking sessions, I learned what it means to embody black excellence. The ELC is committed to enabling and empowering the next generation of young talented Black business professionals to lead the world. I am blessed to have had this experience.

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